Plakias Area

Plakias Area

The settlement was established in the early 20th century by fishermen from Selia Rethymno who settled in the region. The first census had just 6 persons.Now is residing more than 200 permanent residents and in summer thousands of visitors.
In Plakias you will find pharmacies, large supermarket, general practitioner, tourist enterprises of all kind and you can spend your time making pleasant journeys on foot or by bike, horse riding, scuba diving, hiking and of course all kind of water sports.
In Plakias can come either with your own car in just half an hour or by public transportation from Rethymnon at regular intervals.

Preveli beach

The beach is located in the south of Rethymno, in a green area at the end of Kourtaliotiko gorge.After the palm forest a sandy beach is located with magnificent waterfalls that pour into the sea. The Prevelli Lake is one of the most beautiful sightseeings. The scenery looks tropical and certainly is a trip that will surprise you. You can either go with your own vehicle, up close, and then do some walking (not recommended if you have children or if you have motional problems) either by boat from Plakias in just half an hour.

Preveli Monastery

The Monastery or Prevelis is located 37km south of Rethymno, in a beautiful natural setting on the western slopes of the Grand River (Kourtaliotiko gorge) and the palm grove area. Includes two separate monasteries located within 1.7km between them, Kato Moni Prodromou and Theologou Monastery .It has a great history and is one of the area's main attractions, just 5 kilometers from Plakias